The Zine!

The first edition of CoMo Girls Rock! Compilation Zine of Women in Music comes out on Friday, October 19th at the Citizen Jane Film Festival Women In Music Showcase at The Bridge.  The zine is a collection of stories, artwork, photographs and interviews with 18 women in our community and network.  We will be selling the zine for $10 as a fundraiser for our programming and costs.

Order one online, or pick up a copy at Maude or Hitt Records.  Click on this lovely picture of Luci and the zine to order yours RIGHT NOW!!!!

2 responses to “The Zine!

  1. Terri

    Where can I place my order?

    • Hey Terri,
      Just click on the picture of luci holding the zine and that should take you to the link to order the zine. It’s 12.00 total (10.00 for zine, 2.00 for shipping). Thanks for ordering and showing your support!

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