CoMo Girls Rock 2015 Camper Registration

CoMo Girls Rock 2015 camp session is June 8-12 at the Columbia Area Career Center! Start registering now by filling out the following application. Spots will fill up quickly so don’t wait too long! We can’t wait to see everyone ready to rock on the first day of camp!! 80 days and counting!!

We are also looking for some organized and dedicated individuals to help us with pre-camp planning. Check out more info here and join an organizing committee!


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Ladies Rock Camp 2015!


Mark your calendars for our 2nd annual Ladies Rock Camp!

To begin registration, please fill out the information form today! Shortly after completing this form, we will contact you with a link to Columbia Area Career Center camp registration which you will need to fill out in order to participate. See you at camp!

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Camper Registration!!

Camper Registration!!

Camper registration is open! Apply today, spots are filling up quickly! Find the application on the Columbia Area Career Center website –

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April 23, 2014 · 9:57 pm

The Punk Singer @Ragtag + Camper Registration

This week, Ragtag Cinema is showing The Punk Singer: A Film about Kathleen Hanna, and will donate a portion of the proceeds to CoMo Girls Rock!!!
There will be 2 screenings of the film:
Thursday, March 20th at 5:30pm
Friday, March 21st at 9:45pm

We are also excited to announce that camper registration for summer 2014 (June 9th-14th) will open on Thursday, March 20th at 5pm before the film. Come register in person from 5-530pm and meet with CoMo Girls Rock board members and volunteers and the camp coordinator from the Columbia Area Career Center!

Camp registration will begin online at the Career Center’s website starting March 21st. Camp will fill up quickly so don’t wait!punk singer

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Volunteer for 2014 Camp!!!

Camp is just around the corner (June 9th – 14th) and it’s time to start rounding up volunteers, aka the wonderful people who make camp possible! If you would like to volunteer, please fill out this form no later than April 1st.


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Camp Dates!

Camp Dates!

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February 1, 2014 · 11:52 pm

Ladies ROCK!

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Wow, what an AMAZING weekend was Ladies Rock Camp??!?!!  We are so grateful to all the volunteers, sponsors and other supporters who made it all happen.  But we couldn’t have done it without the brave women who signed up and jumped right in for a weekend of learning, creating, and ROCKING.  We could go on and on about how awesome camp was, but we will just let the ladies speak for themselves.  (all quotes taken from Facebook.  Thanks ladies!!!)

“Thaaaaaaaaaaaank you to everyone at Ladies Rock Camp, especially the tireless organizers, loving mentors, and everyone who helped make it a most beautiful, healing, inspiring, and fun weekend.”

“Thoroughly awesome weekend spent with all of the amazing and brave ladies at CoMO Ladies Rock Camp. Nothing makes me happier than playing music, and playing with wimmin is pure magic”

“Permanent grin goin on here! A most incredible experience of my life was had this weekend n tonyte.”

“This was such an incredible experience. It really does show you that you can do anything.”

“I did it! I had lots of compliments on my performance at Mojo’s. But the absolute best compliment was from my oldest son, “Mom I am so proud of you”. It means more than anything! As I look at this experience, I stepped out, took a risk, did something fun and got lots of people saying I inspired them for doing this! WOW!!!!!!!”

Check out more photos here and videos to come soon!

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