Who is this camp for?
Girls are not properly represented in most music industries and culture, and their inclusion has always been the exception rather than the rule. We all wish things were equal, but the reality is that girls and women are still fighting to be respectfully included in the world of rock (and other genres) as well as many other fields other than music. Female gendered artists still tend to be less respected, less supported, and viewed as less skilled in almost all facets of the music industry.

Como Girls Rock! and other Girls rock camps across the U.S. and the world, focus our energies on female empowerment by using music as a vehicle for positivity. We show young girls that despite the messages they are bombarded with regularly, they can indeed write music, play instruments, sing, and perform as well as anyone who puts their mind to it. We want a better future for girls who want to rock in whatever path they choose.

Being part of Como Girls Rock! will put young women in a situation where making decisions, taking leadership roles, learning new skills, and trusting her instincts are all encouraged, and our hope is that she will use these skills in other parts of her life, and leave camp with stronger self-esteem and more conviction in her endeavors.

What age range can attend?
We accept campers of the ages 12-18. If you are 19 or older, you may volunteer!

What instruments do you teach?
We  offer beginning instruction for guitar, bass, vocals, keyboards, and drumset.

Is rock the only genre you teach?
NOPE! The campers who come to Como Girls Rock! are encouraged to explore all types of music that interest them, from Country and Bluegrass, to Hip Hop to Black Metal music and more! Como Girls Rock is all about teaching campers to creatively express themselves with music, and they are certainly not restricted to only performing rock music.

What if I don’t have any experience with music?
We welcome beginners, novices, virtuosos and everything in between, however instrument lessons will be geared towards beginners. We encourage those with musical experience to try a new instrument!

Do you offer financial aid?
We don’t want to turn any camper away who wants to participate! We offer financial aid to those in need.

Is entry competitive or are you accepting anyone who wants to attend?
We accept 25 campers on a first-come, first-served basis.

What happens at camp?
Como Girls Rock! Camp will include instrument instruction, band formation, collaborative songwriting, and participation in various workshops such as Music Herstory, Zine-making, Screenprinting, Image & Identity, and more. Camp will culminate in a showcase performance at THE BLUE NOTE which will be attended by hundreds of adoring fans.

Where will camp be held?
Camp will be held June 6th – 10th at the Columbia Are Career Center at 4203 S. Providence Road next to Rockbridge High School. The showcase will be on June 11th, 2pm.

If you have any further questions or want to know how to help, please contact us anytime!
Thanks again, you rock!

2 responses to “FAQ

  1. I may (emphasis on “may”) be able to help with a college campus location! I do promise that I will work my hardest on getting a placement.

  2. Nicole Crespi

    Have you been able to find a venue yet?

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