CoMo Girls Rock! is dedicated to empowering self identified girls, women, and gender non-conforming and/or trans youth and adults through creative expression, musical exploration, and social awareness. The many volunteers that run this camp provide mentorship and facilitate a space for campers to be themselves.

CoMo Girls Rock! was started in 2012 by Luci Cook, Leola Davis, and Amanda Rainey.  The three were inspired by the girls rock camp movement and the supportive community of Columbia to create the organization.  They began organizing benefit concerts and events to get the word out in fall of 2o12 and offered the first girls rock summer camp in June of 2013.  The first camp was a huge success with 20 campers, 25 volunteers, 5 bands, and 250 showcase attendees.  It inspired CGR! to offer a Ladies Rock Camp as well, held over MLK weekend.  Moving forward, these two camps will be offered every year, in addition to other fundraisers and events that support the mission of empowering girls and women through music.

CoMo Girls Rock! is proud to be a pending member of the Girls Rock Camp Alliance which networks and provides resources for girls rock camps all over the world.  Learn more about the GRCA and the girls rock camp movement on their website.

Please contact us at comogirlsrock@gmail.com if you have any questions or comments!

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