Let’s Make a Zine!

Hey everyone!  We are making a zine about women’s experiences in music as a fundraiser for the camp.  We are taking submissions from Missouri based women.  You are welcome to submit photos, drawings, stories, song lyrics or responses to any of the following questions.  The deadline to submit is August 15th.  Please e-mail your submissions to comogirlsrock@gmail.com or hand them to Leola, Luci or Amanda.  Thanks!  Spread the word!

GRC Interview questions:

How long have you been playing music?
Talk about an early experience of being enpowered through music/art?
What’s the first instrument you learned to play?
Who or what inspired you to play music?
Who are some of your favorite musicians?
What’s the first concert you went to?
Talk about the first time time you performed live?
Have you ever felt excluded in the music scene because of your gender?
General submissions of your experience in music are also accepted and encouraged!!

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  1. This sounds like a great opportunity for girls in CoMo! Pondering my zine submission now…